Agile test …. op med hænderne

Posted in Thomas Elton by Thomas elton on november 8, 2006

Nedestående agile test er fra 2005, et stykke tid siden – men i min bix er der stadigvæk ret langt til at vi sidder med hænderne oppe:

Lower your hands if:

  • You are not working on an Agile Project.
  • You are working on an Agile project and the iteration size is > 30 days.
  • Your iteration size is > 2 weeks.
  • You are not working in an open office or lab.
  • You have no unit tests.
  • You are not writing unit tests first.
  • You have no acceptance tests whether automated or manual.
  • You have no continuous build process.
  • You have no automated acceptance tests.
  • You are not pairing
  • Less than 100% of your features are defined by automated acceptance tests.

The pattern of hands going down was illuminating. By the end there were only two or three hands left up.

From a posting below, I think the following ought to be added to the test:

  • You do not develop features in an order chosen by the customer
  • You do not deploy to production at the end of each iteration
  • You do not talk to your customer every day
  • The customer does not sit alongside the developers
  • Customer cannot reprioritises features at the end of each iteration.


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