Design stil med web2.0

Posted in Uncategorized by poder on marts 15, 2006

Web 2.0 websites har typisk en helt speicel design stil – designet er simpelt, med store fonte, brug af små skygger og markant logo osv.

Følgende link er en lille design gennemgang af nogle web 2.0 sites.
Design i web 2.0

Eller denne sjove analyse

1) Massivley-Oversized Fonts
The way we see it, the larger the font, the more important the content is.
Therefore, the site with the largest base font is obviously the most credible!

2) Whacky Colour Pallets
Colour Harmony? What’s that?! A wide variety of bright and pastel colours will do just fine.
Especially Green and Blue.

3) Gradients, Drop-Shadows and Rounded Edges
Flat colours and hard-edged shapes are sooo 1960’s!

4) Whitespace
Condensed content is for losers, we keep our information brief and sparse.

5) Buttons/Validity
Nobody will look at your site if it’s not XHTML/CSS valid and links to Mozilla Firefox.

6) Tag Clouds
Every story or content item must have tags, and a coresponding tag cloud should be placed somewhere.
How else will people be able to find your stories… Search?! I think not!


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